Be so good they can’t ignore you (Eng version)

One day in the past, I was struggling with my work, my career path. Back then, I felt that I did not have a clear career path in my workplace. I was a teacher at an international school in Indonesia. The best position I could pursue back then was to become the Subject Area Coordinator (SAC) who took charge of the curriculum control at the micro-level (work with the teachers). I would not be able to become a vice-principal because there was no such position there, and it was nearly impossible to become the principal as well as the appointed principal was an expatriate (it’s an affiliation with a school in Singapore).

During that time, I shared this story to my lecturer, my mentor when I attended master’s degree program (for you who know, she is Dr. Ashley Ng). I had a discussion with her and she told me this statement I remember up till now and I will remember always, “Be so good they can’t ignore you.” She tried to encourage me to work so hard to be an excellent person and teacher that nobody can ignore me because I am so good.

Back then, I just thought that it was merely a piece of advice from someone and I kinda ignored it. Though the advice sounded so good, I was drowned in my struggle and thoughts.

When I was writing this article, which was about a year after the time I discussed with Dr. Ashley, I came to realize what it really means. And, I also realized that all this time I kept the words in my heart and tried to internalize them. And this is what it means to me, wherever we are, we are a diamond (in our own size and quality). Probably, we are not sharpened or honed good enough but still we bear a huge potential to be successful and inspirational. Our environment will inevitably influence our behavior and way of thinking but it should never define us and determine our fate. Challenges will still be there, and these might hinder our career path and work. However, never give up. We can keep growing as best as possible and achieve the best. If now we are not recognized because we are considered to not be able to show our potential and quality, never stop. Keep growing and improving ourselves.

On the other hand, this fight demands humility, self-confidence, and courage. If we are not humble enough, in the end, we might lose our self-confidence. Challenges would scare us to a certain extent. However, we have to fight and work on it. Walk the journey slowly, but sure. Develop our strengths and potential as best as possible. Sooner or later, we would reach the point where people will notice our work, our quality, though it is not our main priority and goal.

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For us who have this same struggle, for us who are fighting for advancement in our career and position we see too hard to be achieved, for us who are fighting to build a startup but couldn’t find an investor yet, for us who are in the condition that needs attention from people in relation to our capabilities and quality.. be patient and keep working to improve. One day.. believe.. that one day will come.