Let us all be human

“What should I do?”

“I don’t know what to do with my kids at home anymore.”

“Will I still have a job tomorrow?”

“Will I have enough money next week, month, 2 months?”

“Are the teachers doing their job or not?”

“We are busy with our work also, but we need to help our kids to study.”

“School is so stressful during this time. They demand us to do many things. So many assignments.”

“Students need to do what they need to do.”

“Despite the school closure, it does not mean assessments should stop.”

During this difficult situation, we are all faced with various challenges in front of us. Daily necessities, family or personal finance, future, career or job, children’s education, and other things. We have a kind of common obstacles and challenges, however, usually, we are made confused or anxious by also a kind of similar matters.

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A letter to teachers

In the last couple of weeks, in fact, a couple of months, people around the world have been living under as well as witnessing a “tragedy” that many of us did not expect before. It was started in Wuhan, China, then spread to other countries, including Indonesia now. Coronavirus, Covid-19, that absorbs our energy and focus and hinders us to live our normal lives. Work from Home (WFH), Learn from Home (LFH), and other terms have emerged during this period of “tragedy” that represent our life conditions and the way we live our very lives.

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